Econ 712 Ph.D. Macroeconomic Theory I (Fall 2018)


Dean's part

1. Sep.07 Difference equations Handout, Solution and Notes

2. Sep.14 Nonlinear difference equations Handout and Solution

3. Sep.21 Competitive equilibrium and offer curve Handout and Solution

4. Sep.28 OLG and offer curve Handout and Solution

5. Oct.05 Within-generation heterogeneity Handout and Solution

6. Oct.12 Recursive methods and Ricardian Equivalence Handout, Solution and Codes

7. Oct.19 OLG application: Social Security Handout

8. Oct.26 Private information Handout

Rasmus' part

9. Nov.02 Guess-and-verify, and Midterm Handout and Solution

10. Nov.09 Value function example Handout and Solution

11. Nov.16 Numerical value function iteration Handout (PS1) and Code

12. Nov.30 Finding stationary distribution; paper-and-pen exercise Handout and Solution

13. Dec.07 Practice questions, discrete and continuous time Handout and Solution

14. Dec.12 Review session Handout and Solution

Problem Sets

Dean's part

1. Due Sep.12 Problem Set 1, Example Code, and Solution

2. Due Sep.19 Problem Set 2, Example Codes, and Solution

3. Due Sep.26 Problem Set 3, and Solution

4. Due Oct.03 Problem Set 4, and Solution

5. Due Oct.10 Problem Set 5, and Solution

6. Due Oct.19 Problem Set 6, and Solution

7. Due Oct.26 Problem Set 7, Example Code, Solution, and Solution Code

Rasmus' part

1. Due Nov.21 Problem Set 1, and Code

2. Due Dec.07 Problem Set 2, and Solution Code

Lecture Notes

Dean's part : posted on Dean's personal webpage

Rasmus' part

1. Syllabus

2. Stopping problem

3. One sector growth model

4. Contraction mapping

5. Value function iteration

6. Bewley Models

7. Equilibrium search models (lecture slides)

8. On-the-job search and some algebra steps

9. Firm dynamics - Hopenhayn model

10. Firm innovation - Kletten and Kortum model

Rasmus's part additional materials

1. 2017 Fall final exam, and solution

2. (Optional) Equilibrium search models (handout from 2018 spring)

3. Practice final by Rasmus

Supplementary Materials

Administrative Information

Instructors: Dean Corbae and Rasmus Lentz

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday 13:00-14:15, Sewell Social Science 5106

Professor office hours: Dean - Tuesday 14:30-15:30, Sewell Social Science 7438, Rasmus - by appointment

TA office hours: Anson - Tuesday 9:30-10:30, Jason - Tuesday 13:30-14:45. Both at Sewell Social Science 7218

Discussion sessions (Friday)

  • 07:45-08:35, Sewell Social Sciences 4314

  • 08:50-09:40, Sewell Social Sciences 4314

  • 14:25-15:15, Sewell Social Sciences 4314

  • 15:30-16:20, Sewell Social Sciences 4314

Previous TAs

Eirik Brandsås (Fall 2017)

Fu Tan (Fall 2016, Fall 2015)

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